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The Prime project is located in the world southern hemisphere Silicon Valley  Macquarie Park business district, this area is located in the north of Sydney. It is Australias leading hightech industrial zone. In recent years, it has won a good reputation and attracted many well-known international companies including Microsoft, Canon, IBM settled here. It is 12 km away from Sydney CBD and only 20 minutes of driving to the center of Sydney, very fast and convenient.

The Prime project is very large, with the most complete community facilities and a carefully designed private sky garden. It is the representative of the one-stop living community in Sydneys North District. There is an open space between the buildings, which fully guarantees the privacy of the residents. Prime not only has a special innovative design, a vibrant city garden, beautiful city views, but also a pure land in the downtown.
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Company: aucway pty ltd

Tel: 0061430771113


Address: Suite1902,Level19,233 Castlereagh Street Sydney 2000

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